24 Hours In Durban

This series is part two of my and Michael's little adventure to Johannesburg and Durban. Again didn't have much time to explore the cities, but here are some of the images I took whenever we got a chance.  

More images shot from the plane flying to Durban where the geography changes from mostly flat to more mountainous landscapes. 

I really enjoy shooting golden hour on the Fujifilm range, I find that the more magenta tones of the film works really well. For me at least. 

I love Durban, the smell of curry, the tropical climate, warm Indian ocean and just the fact that they have coconut palms everywhere you look. Even though I didn't take an image of any of those things.

Above is Michael grabbing a frame or two from a rooftop parking in what I presume is the older part of town.

Rushing the last couple of shots and of to the airport again. Again super lucky with a window seat and beautiful light outside. I am really happy with the image below, I guess this is pretty much what heaven looks like. 

Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Fujifilm Superia 200 ISO