Cape Town, ZA / 008


Camera Used / Olympus-S

Film Used / Fujifilm C 200 ISO

Cape Town, ZA / 007


Camera Used / Canon AE-1

Film Used / Fujifilm C200 ISO

Cape Town, ZA / 006


Camera Used / Canon AE-1

Film Used / Fujifilm XTRA 400 ISO & Kodak Ektar 100 ISO

Monochrome / 004


Camera Used / Canon AE-1

Film Used / Bergger Pancro 400 ISO

Cape Town, ZA / 004


Camera Used / Olympus-S

Film Used / Fujifilm C 200 ISO

A Super Short Trip To Pretoria


Camera Used / Canon AE-1

Film Used / Fujifilm C400 ISO

Monochrome / 003


Camera Used / Canon AE-1 

Film Used / Pancro Bergger 400 ISO


This was my last day of 2017. Spent with friends at the tip of Africa. 


Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm

Film Used / Kodak Ektar 100 ISO




Camera Used / Halina 35-600 & Halina Viceroy Twin Lens Reflex 

Film Used / Ilford Delta 400 ISO, 120mm & Fujifilm Superia 200 ISO, 35mm

Family Camping Trip


Camera Used / Olympus-S

Film Used / Fujifilm XTRA 400 ISO

Cape Town, ZA / 003


Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Fujifilm Superia 200 ISO

Karoo Road Trip


Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Fujifilm Superia 400 ISO



Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Fujifilm Superia 200 & 400 ISO

Monochrome / 001

After almost two years found an old film and processed it. This series is some of those images. Not sure when they where shot exactly. It must have been during a past summer, probably a December since pretty much all the images was shot on the beach. 

Looks like the typical surf session followed by a couple of sun downers. Llandudno is one of my all time favorite beaches around Cape Town, awesome waves and it normally works on a South Easter and we have plenty of that during the summer months. The water temp however is something else, I have no idea how people swim with no wet suit. Imagine brain freeze, but all over.  

I really like the simplicity of the shot below. Might just have to make a little print for the house. 

The following shots where taken in Elands Bay, must have been the same summer as they where all on the same roll of film. Not sure. Another world class surfing destination. Also pretty cold water as it is located on the West Coast of South Africa in the Atlantic ocean. 

Finishing the roll with a cheeky night shot in the Elands Bay camp site. I guess you can say it's a moon rise, or something like that.

Camera Used / Halina-Viceroy Twinlens Reflex 120mm 

Film Used / Ilford Delta 400 ISO

Expired Film / 001

On a recent road trip I was given an old, expired and rusty film. I obviously loaded the film in my camera and hoped for the best. This series is some of my favorite images from that film. 

I love the weird spots and imperfections. I mean you won't shoot a paid job on it, but just for fun they came out pretty nice. Again most of the images shot in and around Cape Town. 

The image below of the pelicans in flight is one of my favorites, almost feels like you are under water, if you use a bit of imagination. 

I really had no expectations for this roll of film, when I got the film back from the lab it had bits of emulsion missing and they didn't even want to cut the roll for me as you couldn't see where one frame stops and the next one starts.  

The first couple of images on the roll was effected the most as they where on the outside and I guess closest to the rust, etc. The film was more than 10 years old when I got it and I am pretty sure it was not kept in a cool dry place. 

I would recommend all film addicts to at least once shoot an old and expired roll of film. I have shot a couple over the years and most of them came out perfectly fine, but then when you get that weird one it really sparks a bit of creativity and you know those images can never be copied even if you tried. Truly unique. 

The image below was the first shot of the roll, I have absolutely no idea what I photographed, it doesn't really matter as it anyway got replaced with some amazing and random textures. Maybe nature just wanted to take a shot on my film and this is what happened.   

Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Fujifilm Superia 200 ISO ( Expired, rusted and more than 10 years old.)

Cape Town, ZA / 002

These images where shot in and around Cape Town on those perfect, calm summer nights. The ones you dream of when it's raining sideways and you have more than one blanket on your bed.


The days are longer and the whole of Cape Town comes alive and wants to spend as much time as possible outside. Soaking up all the vitamin D our bodies are deprived of over the last couple of months. 

Chilling with some friends watching the sunset and enjoying a sun downer or two after a good surf, really one of my favorite things to do. It makes you realize and appreciate the bautiful country and city we live in and so often take for granted. 


Also really nice to know someone that knows someone that's got an airplane, it might be small but, it does the job. What an experience flying over the cape peninsula when the sun is setting and the sky turns all shades of orange and red. One little adventure I can reccomend to anyone visiting Cape Town. 


The perfect end to the perfect day with a burger and a couple of beers at Lefty's. 

Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Fujifilm Superia 400 ISO

Cape Town, ZA / 001

Living in Cape Town sure has it's up's and down's, whether it's work or weather, nothing fun about the howling South Easter in the summer or the sideways rain in the winter but, when you have days like these it is all worth it. 100%.


Soaking up the sun on any of the beautiful beaches surrounding Cape Town not even to mention the huge variety of waves the coastline has to offer really makes for some awesome adventures. Nothing beats salty hair and sandy feet and just spending time with friends. 

I really liked the image below of the beach umbrella, the simplicity of the image just worked and on a cold, rainy winters day reminds me of the seasons to come. Going from shades of gray to more shades of blue than you can wish for. 


If you feel like venturing a bit further out of Cape Town the beaches only gets better. With a car packed with friends and whatever you feel like doing on the beach you can easily change a sunny Saturday into a mini road trip. Within a 150 km radius of Cape Town the opportunities are endless. 

The coastline from Hermanus to Cape Town will always be special to me, growing up here has been an amazing privilege and I am really lucky to have friends and family that love spending time outdoors and explore the coastline with me.

Whether it's drinking sun downers and watching the sunset or chasing waves around the coast, this can easily be taken for granted, that it something I never want to do. We live in an amazing part of the world and we should always respect and enjoy what we have right here.    

Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Fujifilm Superia 400 ISO


As we grow older and approach that age where getting married, having children and buying houses are some of our day to day tasks we tend to loose contact with the people, friends and family we use to spend most of our time with.

It's really up to us to stay connected and make time for the people we want in our lives. So a couple of weeks ago me and a couple of long time friends hit the road to escape the daily grind and explore a place we haven't been.  We all left from different towns at different times with the aim to meet up at a house we rented for the weekend. 

Cars packed to the brim with fishing gear, dogs, camera equipment, an outboard motor and enough supplies to last for a couple of days our adventure started. We drove up the N2 heading west towards Heidelberg which took us about 5 hours as traffic out of Cape Town on a Friday afternoon can be quite a nightmare. 

After enjoying another amazing South African sunset in our rear view mirror we eventually got to the dirt road that would take us to our final destination. In complete darkness we had another 65km to go, with fog so dense and low on the road it felt surreal, almost like we where sailing on water. After what felt like an eternity following light beams and smoke signals from the rest of the crew already relaxing we made it, drinks where made and stories shared into the late hours of the night. 

The morning was spent making brunch, which felt like an Michelin starred kitchen, everybody had a job and meeting the new members of our family who where already asleep when we arrived the night before. 

The boys then packed some fishing gear, camera's and a full cooler box and boated down the Duiwenhoks river for some exploration with the hopes of bringing home some dinner, it didn't happen. The girls spend the day with the little humans, hiking catching up and drinking wine. 

More than one fire was started as winter in South Africa gets pretty cold when there is snow on the mountains. Drinks started flowing, food was made on the braai and the day's experiences shared. 

Nothing really gets close to waking up to the sound of nature and the smell of decent coffee. Sitting next to the river heating up and watching the reflections on the water I can't stop myself from contemplating leaving everything in search of a minimal life, doing only what I really want. Building a tiny house or a boat and living with only what I need...

Before we knew it the family portrait was taken, hugs exchanged, promises of future adventures made and cars packed ready for the drive back to where money is made and days are filled with meetings and emails. 

If there is one thing I learn on every adventure into nature which I would love to implement more and more in my life, it would be to live by these rules, less things, more experience.                                                                    

Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Fujifilm Superia 200 ISO