Two Stroke / Surfa Rosa


Camera Used / Pentax Sportmatic F

Film Used / Kodak Portra 400 & 800 ISO

Cape Town, ZA / 008


Camera Used / Olympus-S

Film Used / Fujifilm C 200 ISO

Cape Town, ZA / 007


Camera Used / Canon AE-1

Film Used / Fujifilm C200 ISO

Cape Town, ZA / 006


Camera Used / Canon AE-1

Film Used / Fujifilm XTRA 400 ISO & Kodak Ektar 100 ISO

Monochrome / 004


Camera Used / Canon AE-1

Film Used / Bergger Pancro 400 ISO

Monochrome / 003


Camera Used / Canon AE-1 

Film Used / Pancro Bergger 400 ISO

Expired Film / 001

On a recent road trip I was given an old, expired and rusty film. I obviously loaded the film in my camera and hoped for the best. This series is some of my favorite images from that film. 

I love the weird spots and imperfections. I mean you won't shoot a paid job on it, but just for fun they came out pretty nice. Again most of the images shot in and around Cape Town. 

The image below of the pelicans in flight is one of my favorites, almost feels like you are under water, if you use a bit of imagination. 

I really had no expectations for this roll of film, when I got the film back from the lab it had bits of emulsion missing and they didn't even want to cut the roll for me as you couldn't see where one frame stops and the next one starts.  

The first couple of images on the roll was effected the most as they where on the outside and I guess closest to the rust, etc. The film was more than 10 years old when I got it and I am pretty sure it was not kept in a cool dry place. 

I would recommend all film addicts to at least once shoot an old and expired roll of film. I have shot a couple over the years and most of them came out perfectly fine, but then when you get that weird one it really sparks a bit of creativity and you know those images can never be copied even if you tried. Truly unique. 

The image below was the first shot of the roll, I have absolutely no idea what I photographed, it doesn't really matter as it anyway got replaced with some amazing and random textures. Maybe nature just wanted to take a shot on my film and this is what happened.   

Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Fujifilm Superia 200 ISO ( Expired, rusted and more than 10 years old.)

24 Hours In Durban

This series is part two of my and Michael's little adventure to Johannesburg and Durban. Again didn't have much time to explore the cities, but here are some of the images I took whenever we got a chance.  

More images shot from the plane flying to Durban where the geography changes from mostly flat to more mountainous landscapes. 

I really enjoy shooting golden hour on the Fujifilm range, I find that the more magenta tones of the film works really well. For me at least. 

I love Durban, the smell of curry, the tropical climate, warm Indian ocean and just the fact that they have coconut palms everywhere you look. Even though I didn't take an image of any of those things.

Above is Michael grabbing a frame or two from a rooftop parking in what I presume is the older part of town.

Rushing the last couple of shots and of to the airport again. Again super lucky with a window seat and beautiful light outside. I am really happy with the image below, I guess this is pretty much what heaven looks like. 

Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Fujifilm Superia 200 ISO

24 Hours In Johannesburg

We recently took a small trip to Johannesburg. As always I had a film camera with me and shot a couple of images while traveling, etc. So this is pretty much what I saw in 24 hours. 

It's super nice to travel with someone like Michael (@michaelmichaelellis). Always keen to shoot some frames and explore a bit. 

Johannesburg and Pretoria changed so much since I last spent time there. It just feels like you're in a massive ants nest, People everywhere you look and so much happening all around you. I do prefer things a little less chaotic. 

Back at the airport for a beer or two and some editing and of to Durban to spend 24 hours there. 

Aaaagh window seat and flying with the sunset. What a treat. So as expected I almost shot a full role of film from plane. 

Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Fujifilm Superia 200 ISO


On the 19th of March this year we lost my grandmother. Born on November 6, 1936, she lived an amazing life and I felt I had to document her last days spent on earth. I chose to shoot the series on a grainy black and white film to bring out the mood we felt in hospital. It's never easy saying goodbye. 

We had quite a close bond and shared a mutual love for nature, animals and travel. She never had the opportunity to travel, but from a very young age showed me pictures in books and showed me documentaries on nature and wildlife. She is one of the reasons I want to travel and explore the world, spend time outdoors. She showed me what is important and that we should respect nature and all the living creatures on our planet. I owe my love of nature to my grandmother.  

This series of images was shot the last time I had the pleasure of being in the company of this amazing human being. The kindest and most caring person I could have asked for sharing my life with. 

The whole family came together, we knew it wasn't going to be long so we all said our goodbye's, trying to stay positive that things might still change and that we would have another couple of weeks maybe months, but that unfortunately wasn't the case. It wasn't the easiest series of images to take, but I felt I had to document the last days of such and amazing person.   

She left a hole in all of our hearts that can never be filled.

We will miss you dearly... 

Camera Used / Canon EOS3 35mm 

Film Used / Ilford Delta 3200 ISO