Cape Town, ZA / 008


Camera Used / Olympus-S

Film Used / Fujifilm C 200 ISO

Cape Town, ZA / 007


Camera Used / Canon AE-1

Film Used / Fujifilm C200 ISO

Cape Town, ZA / 005


Camera Used / Olympus-S

Film Used / Fujifilm C400 ISO

Cape Town, ZA / 004


Camera Used / Olympus-S

Film Used / Fujifilm C 200 ISO

Monochrome / 003


Camera Used / Canon AE-1 

Film Used / Pancro Bergger 400 ISO

Cape Town, ZA / 003


Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Fujifilm Superia 200 ISO


Chef Kobus van der Merwe at Wolfgat his restaurant in Peternoster, South Africa. 


Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Fujifilm Superia 400 ISO



Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Fujifilm Superia 200 & 400 ISO

Monochrome / 002

Since it's December now and summer is here I thought it would be a good time to put out these images I shot during the cold, rainy, windy winter here in cape Town. 

CFS Zine_0012.JPG

I love shooting when it's misty outside, the mist can really emphasize your subject and eliminate a busy and unwanted background. I like the minimal feel you get shooting in the mist.  

These images top and bottom are just some random portraits shot of Andrew playing on the mountain, exploring the the cold, misty landscape. 

CFS Zine_0006.JPG

Above is a couple of images shot in my apartment in Vredehoek and below is the iconic Lions Head, part of Table Mountain National Park. I have been up that road so many times, but it's still a magical place with an amazing view of the city and the mountain. 

CFS Zine_0021.JPG

Ending this little series with a warm, steamy bathroom shot. Probably the best way to end a day outside in a cold and stormy Cape Town.   

CFS Zine_0001.JPG

Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Deadpan 100 ISO

Monochrome / 001

After almost two years found an old film and processed it. This series is some of those images. Not sure when they where shot exactly. It must have been during a past summer, probably a December since pretty much all the images was shot on the beach. 

Looks like the typical surf session followed by a couple of sun downers. Llandudno is one of my all time favorite beaches around Cape Town, awesome waves and it normally works on a South Easter and we have plenty of that during the summer months. The water temp however is something else, I have no idea how people swim with no wet suit. Imagine brain freeze, but all over.  

I really like the simplicity of the shot below. Might just have to make a little print for the house. 

The following shots where taken in Elands Bay, must have been the same summer as they where all on the same roll of film. Not sure. Another world class surfing destination. Also pretty cold water as it is located on the West Coast of South Africa in the Atlantic ocean. 

Finishing the roll with a cheeky night shot in the Elands Bay camp site. I guess you can say it's a moon rise, or something like that.

Camera Used / Halina-Viceroy Twinlens Reflex 120mm 

Film Used / Ilford Delta 400 ISO

Cape Town, ZA / 002

These images where shot in and around Cape Town on those perfect, calm summer nights. The ones you dream of when it's raining sideways and you have more than one blanket on your bed.


The days are longer and the whole of Cape Town comes alive and wants to spend as much time as possible outside. Soaking up all the vitamin D our bodies are deprived of over the last couple of months. 

Chilling with some friends watching the sunset and enjoying a sun downer or two after a good surf, really one of my favorite things to do. It makes you realize and appreciate the bautiful country and city we live in and so often take for granted. 


Also really nice to know someone that knows someone that's got an airplane, it might be small but, it does the job. What an experience flying over the cape peninsula when the sun is setting and the sky turns all shades of orange and red. One little adventure I can reccomend to anyone visiting Cape Town. 


The perfect end to the perfect day with a burger and a couple of beers at Lefty's. 

Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Fujifilm Superia 400 ISO

Cape Town, ZA / 001

Living in Cape Town sure has it's up's and down's, whether it's work or weather, nothing fun about the howling South Easter in the summer or the sideways rain in the winter but, when you have days like these it is all worth it. 100%.


Soaking up the sun on any of the beautiful beaches surrounding Cape Town not even to mention the huge variety of waves the coastline has to offer really makes for some awesome adventures. Nothing beats salty hair and sandy feet and just spending time with friends. 

I really liked the image below of the beach umbrella, the simplicity of the image just worked and on a cold, rainy winters day reminds me of the seasons to come. Going from shades of gray to more shades of blue than you can wish for. 


If you feel like venturing a bit further out of Cape Town the beaches only gets better. With a car packed with friends and whatever you feel like doing on the beach you can easily change a sunny Saturday into a mini road trip. Within a 150 km radius of Cape Town the opportunities are endless. 

The coastline from Hermanus to Cape Town will always be special to me, growing up here has been an amazing privilege and I am really lucky to have friends and family that love spending time outdoors and explore the coastline with me.

Whether it's drinking sun downers and watching the sunset or chasing waves around the coast, this can easily be taken for granted, that it something I never want to do. We live in an amazing part of the world and we should always respect and enjoy what we have right here.    

Camera Used / Olympus-S 35mm 

Film Used / Fujifilm Superia 400 ISO